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      This is the first time I've ever used a forum in anyway… So, forgive me if any of this is redundant silly. But, I don't know what to do anymore.

      I have 3 of the factor pedals. Pitch, Space and Mod. I also have a MucisomLab EFX 3. I can not for the life of me get them to talk to each other over midi? I've spent countless hours pouring over the manuals, reading everything I could online- Can someone pleas help.

      If anyone knows how to set the midi up on these things- Or could point me in the right direction…

      Also, is there a way to control all the pedals with one expression pedal? I've seen a lot of talk on that- But, no real answer.

      Thank you much 

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      Eventide Staff


      Also, is there a way to control all the pedals with one expression pedal? I've seen a lot of talk on that- But, no real answer.

      If you, or someone you know, can make cables, you can use a 3-way Y lead to connect one pedal to all the pedal inputs (only tip and sleeve needed).

      Make sure it is an expression pedal (low impedance) rather than a volume pedal (high impedance).

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      Mesa Man


      I have also Musicom Lab EFX mkIII and I have also some problems with midi connections.

      To Leifer:

      Please check Eventide YouTube tutorial videos concerning Factor-series stompboxes. I found them very helpful although I still have some "minor" issues. Wink

      Description: I have all three Factor series stompboxes. They are connected in Musicom loops 5-7. Pitch in 5, Mod in 6 and Time in 7. Midi cable goes first from Musicom to Time->Pitch->Mod. I have done the worldclock setup to on and it is functioning with tap tempo in all stompboxes. Conclusion from this is that misi signal goes thru, right? I have done the output xmit/thru setup according the Youtube tutorials.

      I have programmed the first 2 banks in all 3 stompboxes to be my favourite sounds and the goal is to use these 12 sounds and mix different combinations out of them via Musicom Lab. Now I have managed to program the first device (TimeFactor) vie Musicom Lab, but the 2nd and 3rd stompbox are not acting right and they wont obey the orders from Musicom Lab even the 1 st box does.

      I have set the Timefactor input to be on ch. 1, Pitch on ch. 2 and Mod on ch. 3. Pitch is in transmit mode and it+s midi output is set to ch. 3 -> for Modfactor.

      Where do I go wrong and how can I get the 2nd and 3rd box to obey the Musicom´s midi orders`?

      Yours truly,

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      Eventide Staff

      Make sure that the first two pedals have MIDI/OUTPUT set to THRU.

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      Mesa Man

      Big Smile YES!

      That was it. Of course the midi command cannot go through if the first stompbox in not on "thru" mode. Geeked

      Thank You for your soonest reply.

      I received help and problem is solved.

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      Mesa Man

      Customization of my new pedalboard continues and I ran into the next problem.

      EXPRESSION pedal…

      I have connected the expression pedal (BOSS FV-500H) to the EXPL jack of the Musicom EFX.

      I have watched the tutorial videos regarding EXP connections (tutorial video 11/11) from Youtube and I have used standard stereo-stereo jack to connect the EXP to EFX mk3.

      Now the Eventide stompboxes do not respond to the EXP at all.  Surprise

      After this discovery I connect the EXP straight to the 1st stompbox and it does control the 1st box EXP values correctly but it does not control the boxes 2. and 3. at all.

      Midi settings are as described above. The EXPL controls are as tutorial video (11/11)  and the EFX works and controls now all the presets correctly (thru midi).

      So, what now?

      Question 1: If there is something wrong with EFX´s EXPL jack, can I still connect EXPL straight into the 1st Eventide pedal and still control with the EXPL all three stompboxes? (and bypass the mechanical fault of EFX, although that is not yet verified).

      Question 2: Since the midi commands come from EFX mk3 midi output, should I have some midi parameters configurated differently compared to the tutorial videos? With the original problem tutorial video was "almost" right for me.  Wink

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      Eventide Staff

      I'm not sure that I understand, but I think you are trying to control 3 stompboxes with a pedal connected to the first one.  This will not work (although we (Eventide) should consider allowing a connected pedal to be a MIDI control source).

      For now, you probably have two options:

      1) Use a MIDI pedal.  This sounds like the solution, but probably will not work, as you presumably have each box set to a different MIDI channel.

      2) Make (or have made) a 3 way 'Y'-lead so that you can directly connect  a pedal to the 3 pedals. This will work, but there is a risk of ground loops if you are not careful.

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      Eventide Staff

      Sorry guys – I was mistaken. The 'Factors can use a connected expression pedal to send MIDI CC. This means that as long as all pedals are OK being set to the same MIDI channel, you can use one expression pedal to control all. Set the 1st one to MIDI XMIT, the rest to MIDI THRU.

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