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I have tried switching cables, but the result is always the same, the cable connected to Output 2 has lower output volume.

I have tried the different volume options (guitar, amp, line), but the result is always the same.

Using Line/Line, I noticed that there seems to be around 12db of difference between the two outputs, with both.

But from what I can see in the RME Fireface 800, both outputs from it have the same level, so the Space should receive the same level of signal in each input.

Connecting the cable just to input 1, I get the same kind of difference, with the same levels.

Connecting the cable just to input 2, the difference is much smaller, close to 5db of difference, and it seems the signal from output 2 is around 3db lower when compared to the previous case (output 1 is around 10db lower).

Unplugging one of the outputs doesn't seem to make a change on the other output.

I was looking in the manual, and it seems the only changes in the volume are the the ones from the switches and using the buttons as detailed in the Setting Output Levels.

Any other way this can be done?

I guess this shouldn't matter since I restored factory setting on it…

Shall I try to replace the Firmware?

I noticed there is V5.0 now, but it's still a beta, right?