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I am not sure if this is the right place to offer suggestions, but thought you might consider these:

1) Similar to re-positioning apps on the iPhone, it would be great to click and drag presets from one position to another instead of having to go to Midi Settings  to change their individual use, etc., especially in view of, no.3/4

2) it would also be great to resize the actaul preset "squares" so that you can see more presets on one page;

3) at the bottom of each "page" there are tabs to navigate — the tab on any current page is inactive normally but could be re-purposed for further navigation;

4) When navigating back and forth between say, "presets", and "pedal" it would be great to able to return to Midi Settings (or any other opened feature) when returning to "pedal", for example, ie you can return to the tab as left;.

5) the un-used tab for a active window could be used for no.: 4.

Great stuff, carry on!!!

Thank you