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PitchFactor with the new firmware seems to be having issues with the Flex Pitch Algorithm where for example i set the pitch intervals for Pitch A to be at -5th and the Pitch B to be at +12. Unlike previously these days everytime i power up the rig and go the patch that uses these preset intervals with the Flex Pitch Algo the output sound i get is usually not the intended pitch intervals, only after scrolling through the presets a coupla times does the Flexpitch Algo in the preset playback the intended pitch intervals. I don't use expression pedal and aux switch with my Pitch Factor. I've never had this issue with the previous firmware. Any clues please? Thanks.

Are you using PitchFactor by itself or with H9 Control? The fact that you're loading a preset multiple times and sometimes it's right and sometimes it's wrong makes me wonder if the value is being sent to H9 Control and ping ponged back to PitchFactor with reduced precision. That's just a guess though. It would be helpful if you could describe how you're setting the pitch intervals (on the pedal or the app) and how you're loading the preset (on the pedal or the app).