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Hi Dan,

The situation I encountered yesterday occurred as soon as I inserted the plugin (after activation).
I had inserted it as an item effect (plugin that runs from the item/media clip/etc), but when I experienced the problem, I moved it to the first insert slot (a very small percentage of plugins don't like to be used as item FX. As a former Magix Samplitude beta tester, I can verify this)

The sound was very loud and obnoxious, though it was going through a bunch of other processing.

Today, I was working on a mix that contained an instance of UltraChannel. I stopped playback and was sitting there when I noticed a quiet high pitch sound. I muted my speakers and it disappeared. I immediately heard it as 12k and put a spectrum analyser (SPAN) after UltraChannel.. sure enough -68dB 12kHz tone. I tired toggling the transformer (the only module that was enabled, but the noise remained (unchanged).)

The problem doesn't always seem to occur as soon as the plugin is instanciated.

There is no other information I can give you at present, unfortunately. Please let me know when you have a new beta to test, as unfortunately I can't keep using v2.0.5 with this issue while I'm working on client projects.

Best regards,
Dax Liniere.