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+1 for ModEchoVerb:

If you know how to set it you can have pristine digital delay (with dedicated Hi or Lo Cut control), nice chorus, nicer flanger, reverb, freeze the reverb, digi delay into chorus/flange, reverb into chorus/flange, and the whole enchilada: ("freezable") Reverb into Delay and then into Chorus/Flanger.

Withi guitars I most often use the master Hi and Low controls to cut both frequencies and have a less hi-fi sound for the Delay and Chorus/Flanger.

Of course you can sync and tap the tempo of the delay and reverb tail.

Another versatile algo is the Spring Reverb algo because it includes a 60s Fender style Tremolo as well.

The Harmodulator is also one of my favourites. You can set it for: beautiful digital twin Delays with detuning and modulation (so you ca use one as a chorus/flanger and one as typical delay); digital Delay + Octave up or down (delayed or not); truly fantastic and highly adjustable Flanger, Chorus, Comb filter; Dual Octave Up/Down a la EHX POG with or without Delay; Micro Detunning (with or hwithout delay); 2 Pitch Shifted Fixed Intervals like fifths, thirds octaves that can be modulated, delayed…;

The modulation of the pitch can be set to subtle values like 9 cents for vibrato, chorus, flange or double tracking fx or in biggerintervals like fifths or octaves for off the wall fx. You can delay de two pitch shifted signals at anytime and add feedback. The feedbak is not re-pitch shited with each repeat, for that kind of sounds there is the H949 algo wich is quite nice and lets you select between: H949, H910 (1), H910 (2) and Modern. 4 different algos that get sounds from "Nintendo" to Hi FI.

As for analog style delays, my favourite is Vintage Delay by far (also great for Chorusing).