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Eventide Staff

Hi Razo,

Like many other plug-in developers we use PACE to manage our licenses and allow people to authorize their software products, and iLok License Manager is the tool they use to allow you to do this.  If we didn't use PACE, we'd have to write software which does this ourselves, and we don't believe we'd do it better than they do.

iLok has received some bad press over the years, some of it for some real mistakes they've made, but others because they're the most visible name on the ugly part of an otherwise very fun process (installing new music software).  The fact is that software licensing isn't fun for you, and it isn't fun for us, but it's a necessary part of this business.  If it wasn't for PACE, or software licensing in general, it would be safe to say that Eventide would stick to hardware – and so would a lot of other companies.

If you do have any problems with your license or your activation, please let us know and we promise to resolve it as quickly as possible.