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on the MFC-101 I am sending a CC 0 on channel 1 but the timefactor does not bypass or activate.  Like I said when i send a PC command on channel 1 it works.  Any ideas?

It appears that you already have MIDI -> OUTPUT set to THRU (program changes are received).

I'm thinking that the problem lies with the value of the CC0 message that you're sending.  A continuous controller message has two parts:  CC number, and the value 0-127.  In a "switching" type of situation, any value from 0-63 is OFF; 64-127 is ON.

As an example, I have my FCB 1010 send a CC number with a value of 127 for Bypass, and the next press of the footswitch sends the same CC number, but with a value of 0 (for Active).