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Lonny Jarrett

I love eventide and I have to say this really strikes me as a major fail. I have read the other thread and understand the limits of the technology. Having just ordered an H9 I am daunted at investing another $400 in algorithms that have no resale value. 

Why can't Eventide at least issue credit to be transferred with sale? This could be equivalent to whatever profit Eventide would make on the new owner's purchases (90%?). Apple would still get it's share, the seller would lose a bit of value but not the whole investment. Eventide is a great company with wonderful customer support. But there is just something very wrong about this scenario as it stands. I'm just really a bit daunted now about filling this thing up as I had intended. 

Anyway……looking forward to it's arrival……I suppose that if I retain ownership of the algorithms when I sell it I could always load them into some future box?