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Thanks for your quick reply. It's still not working correctly.

– I have version 4.8 installed

– The expression pedal goes from 0 to 100 and after half way travels from 100 down to about 12 when moved from heel to toe. Pedal calibration ON and moving the pedal up/down a couple of times doesn't make a difference;

– UTILS. EXPTIP should be set to BOTH to use both Aux and expression pedal? When set to EXP it ignores the aux switch

– I personally built the tap tempo switch and also the stereo output on the EV-5 which it default doesn't have since it has a cable with a stereo jack connected at the end. 

– When setting my aux switch to preset+ or bypass it works correctly. This is setting it to ring in my case. When I set the aux switch to Tap tempo on ring it shows the ms value on the display when I tap my aux switch but it doesn't change the tempo after succesive taps. I also noticed a thing that when controlling tap tempo via an aux switch the H9 doesn't seem to send out it's clock?

Some technical questions:

1. The Y-cable is a stereo jack to 2x mono jack right? One mono jack has the sleeve to mass and tip connected, the other has the sleeve to mass and the ring connected. 

2. The momentary switch (Aux) in the custom pedal I built has the ring wire and sleeve of the Y-CABLE connected to 2 lugs ot jas. I use a mono input jack on the pedal. Seems ok right? Somehow assigning TAP tempo to the RING doesn't make for a consistent behaviour. 

3. The other mono jack (TIP) of the Y-Cable goes into a stereo jack on the EV-5. Notice that the EV-5 inside has the tip, ring and sleeve all wired up to a potentiometer as a normal expression pedal has. So should I change the internal wiring or should I change how the wires of the Y-cable are soldered on the mono jacks?