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I'm having the same problem with loop effect levels.

I'm designing a new stereo pedalboard and have a new strymon timeline and H9 and I can't see the possibility to have control of loop levels per separated (L and R).
In some cases, when delays are equilibrated (the replays have same level in both channels), then reverbs sounds unbalanced channels and i can't edit stereo configuration.

I have a classic stereo two amp setup, with two sends and two returns per amp. Send Amp A to H9 in1 and Send Amp B to H9 in2 and the same with the returns.
All in serial loop mode.

I tried to cut the send level of ampA to equilibrate levels, but the H9 ignores send information (not for delays) and the dry signal for that channel disappears.

I will try to limit the return level also.
I'm sad because I can't work with each stereo channels and i can not match levels with other processors.

Sorry. I'm disappointed.