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After much testing and changing settings, I was able to
get all pedals to talk to each other.  In order for the factors to talk
to each other, I had to ensure that they were all set to THRU on all
four of them instead of setting the space for XMIT and the rest to THRU.

Now, another issue surfaced that I'm trying to figure out how to fix….

When I'm on PC mode on the foot controller, I can create patches based on what factors I want enabled but, some pedals will not be engaged when the patch is recalled while others might be.  in all instances, the space always remains engaged while the others sometimes engage and sometimes are bypassed.

There was a youtube video I was watching last night that exhibit this symptom:


Is there a way to fix this so that when I create a patch in the foot controller, all pedals that are supposed to be engaged are engaged and the ones that aren't on the patch are bypassed?