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Thanks…Heh, you're certainly right, it seems like an esoteric request, even in this forum.  But the total job of configuring the EXT 16 sources is among the most tedious, and there is also no quick way to change them or contextual MIDI-learn (i.e. "just change parameter whenever I move this knob" without changing head-space to go edit an EXT).

Moreover, the sysex documentation still wastes the some of the value of the machine.  I have read thoroughly what's spread-out on the site, and there's no way to know what applies to the Eclipse and what doesn't.  If Eventide can do as well on that as they have on most other things, it would be appreciated by the users who are looking for it, and others who might benefit from their work.  It seems to be that Eventide would stand to benefit, as well…