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Billy Foppiano:

No implementation on the Looper for the H9 control software on my Mac (Macbook) The algo doesn't show.

Make sure that you have version 1.6 installed of H9 Control. You can check the version by clicking on the Settings button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen and going to About.

Billy Foppiano:

Also, crashing takes place when I try to import my Factor Lib program for TF. Worked for my MF.

What operating system are you using H9 Control on? This is the 3rd time someone has mentioned this problem but I haven't been able to reproduce it. If you don't mind sending me your syx file, I'd like to try it out myself; my email address is my forum user name plus @eventide.com.

Billy Foppiano:

By the way, just finished a recording , FEATURING my Space pedal. It MADE the recording.