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hey folks,

i´ve been checking the v5 beta  for a week now and with the new looper algo i´ve detected the following problems…

– recording was sometimes not working and only initializing helped out (happened about 2x within a week)

-midi clock is not working properly. tried it synced to a rme multi face via cubase/ableton & via alai mpc 2000/1000. when the time factor gets the start signal the timing is too late but with the 1st loop it syncs up well. only work around so far is volume down during the first loop round & then bringing the loop in later

-beat quantization of activate recording tap is not accurate. when recording and then restart the midi master you realize that the loop was not recorded from the 1st beat. tried different tapping timings between the last beat & the 1st beat but it seems like its not really synced to the clock when recording. only work around so far is recording a empty loop then restarting the master clock and overdub the empty loop with audio then it works fine. but even then when retriggerung the master clock its out of sync and the next time retriggering it works well again (happened sometimes…but not that often)

-the reaction of the timefactor is also not very fast when retriggering or stopping the master clock (stopping could also be more accurate not beatwise)