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I’d probably settle on the Modfactor in mono in front of the
amp and run the other three in the amps effect loop or after the pre amp. If I
really wanted the Modfactor in stereo, I run it after the preamp.  But all that would depend if you are going
into two clean amps in stereo or to a dirty amp with a stereo power amp.

I use an Egnater M4 preamp into a VHT 2/50/2; analog effects
in front of the pre amp and digital after.

Out of the preamp, I go mono into the Pitchfactor, then
stereo out into a splitter that splits the left and right signals 3 ways (6
total), First L/R into Space, Second L/R into the Timefactor. The third L/R
pair plus the stereo outputs from the Timefactor and Space all go into a RJM
mini mixer output to stereo.

The Pichfactor is in relay mode so when it’s not active, the signal
is pure and not converted. The Timefactor and Space have killdry on with DSP+FX and are in
parallel so they don’t muddy each other up. When the Pitchfactor is active, the
Timefactor and Space get the pitch altered signal so harmonies and Whammy
effects get delay and verb.

Running them like this is absolutely stunning but most
people would be terrified of a routing this complex.

This simple version would still be Modfactor in front of the
preamp, then out the preamp into the Pitchfactor mono, then stereo out of the Pitchfactor into the Timefactor and stereo out into Space.

Still have the Pitchfactor set for relay but have Timefactor
and Space set for DSP+FX.

I really like having the Timefactor and Space in parallel but
it all depends how you want to chain the effects.