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Hi deltadog, 

Thanks for taking the time to write up your experience.  I have a few questions, if you don't mind, that will help me get to the root of the issues you're seeing with the Looper.. 

1. Regarding "recording was sometimes not working" :  have you seen this again?  If possible, if you do, are you able recall exactly what you were doing and how you were trying to use the Looper?  Are you saying that even after switching to a different algorithm and then switching back to Looper the recording was not working?  Only a full pedal wide initialization did the trick?  

2. Regarding "midiclock is not working properly":  Are you able to give me step by step detail of what you did, and what occurs?  For example: 

Step 1: Connect TF to mpc via MIDI cable (MIDICLK IN should be set to ON)

Step2: put TimeFactor Looper in Tempo Mode

Step3: Start the drum machine to give the Looper a MIDI Start 

Step4: Press Record on Looper right before the Beat I want to start recording over


After the steps, what did you expect to happen? What actually happened?  

3. Regarding "beat quantization of activate recording tap is not accurate":  Are you sure you're getting a MIDI Start from your MIDI master device?  You might want to use Midiox or some MIDI monitor on a computer to be sure.  The Looper should wait until the start of the next beat after a record press if it's received a MIDI Start. If it's not doing this, it probably hasn't seen the MIDI Start.  Of course there could always be something else going on I'm not seeing on my end, so as with the previous case, a detailed step by step instruction to repeat the problem, along with what occurs, and what you expected will help me tremendously in diagnosing any possible issue.  

4. Regarding "the reaction of the timefactor is also not very fast when retriggering or stopping": The Looper will retrigger with a MIDI Start only, some DAWs and drum machines will only send the Start if you explicitly press Stop and then Start, and when just pressing Start to re-trigger will only send a MIDI song position pointer and/or a MIDI continue.  The Looper doesn't support these messages.  Also, would you prefer the Stop action of Looper to always be immediate, or are there some cases that it makes sense to do it beatwise? 

Thanks for all the help testing!  Also, feel free to post videos of any of these issues if you think that would help, but do me a favor and make them private, as we are still in beta and working out the rough edges.