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One more thing — I was trying to purchase a new algorithm (compressor) through the desktop and got denied from Amazon (invalid request)

This should be fixed now.  Sorry there was a problem on our server…


For example if I select a preset in the phaser algorithm — at first it behaves normally  — after a few seconds the parameters start flashing and the settings on the parameters start moving randomly.

This does not happen on the IOS app.

Hm… I've never seen this problem before or heard of it.  What version of H9 Control are you using? The latest is v1.6.0.  (You can find the version number under Settings / About.)  And are you connecting to your H9 via USB or Bluetooth?  Could anything else be affecting your H9 while you're doing this?  Do you have anything sending MIDI to it?  Maybe you have a DAW open that is also sending data to your H9?