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How would you set up the Crystals algorithm to do this "(even closer with Crystals in a 2nd PitchFactor or H9 pedal)"?

    I'm working off the XP-300 YouTube demo videos, so this is a work in progress.  I'd start off with a preset like the first one below; in a PF or H9 upstream.  Then I'd follow it (in series) with a 2nd PitchFactor or H9 pedal downstream; using a variation (second image below) on the previously posted TimeWarpDelay1TB preset.

Preset A (in series)


Preset B (in series)


    That routing will pitchshift the reverse delays, rather than reversing the pitch shifts,  Either way sounds interesting, but the latter will change the direction of the incoming pitch shift.  Bind the same expression pedal to the Crystals Mix knob (see above), and the PitchFlex FLEX switch function simultaneously.  There are several ways to do that.  I prefer an external MIDI pedal.



    This is a loose emulation of the XP-300 Space Station Algorithm 12 [Warp -> Time Warp Delay – Stop/Reverse].  It can use some fine-tuning.  The idea is to mix from forward input to reverse delay, while shifting up in pitch from -2 octaves to Unison.  The XP-300 Algorithm 13 leaves an equal amount of dry signal in, so the expression pedal mapping for that algo would have the Crystals Mix knob reduced to a 0-50 range.

    As I said, not a perfect emulation yet, as full Heel is not a complete Stop (zero signal present).  That said, I use a variation of that Crystals preset (alone) all of the time.  I increase the Delay Times to 2000 ms., or 1/2 measure, and reduce Feedback levels to 0.  There's something very expressive about actively sweeping from forward to reverse under foot control.