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I have a few suggestions for the H9 control app, mainly to do with the preset list page.

1. Drag to rearrange presets. This could work similarly to rearranging apps on an iPad home screen. Drag from one location to another. Drag between two other presets and they could slide out of the way to make room. This could also include the option of deleting presets directly from lists using a long press and a small 'x' in the corner of the preset, once again in a similar fashion to deleting apps on an iPad.  I think this would be much easier than having to select these functions from drop down menus, and makes better use of the touch interface.

2. Change how the 'edit list' mode works. I find it confusing that I can only perform certain tasks in certain modes. For example, if I am using edit list mode to drag in some new presets, but then want to rearrange the order, I have to save, exit edit list mode using the back button, select the preset I want to move, hit the more button and then select the function I want (copy, swap etc). I'm sure I might be missing the point of the edit list mode, but it seems strange that I have to exit the 'editing' mode in order to be able to copy, swap etc. I'm very sorry if I have totally missed the point here though.

On the whole I really like the H9 control app, particularly the performance of realtime control, but I just find the preset list section a little less intuitive than it could be. I feel that adding dragging to preset list editing would really help in this regard. Keep up the good work!

Also sorry if this posts twice, I think it deleted my whole post before but maybe not