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I strongly agree, love H9 Control in general, great looking and excellent real-time parameter control, but a few small features are stilted and clumsy compared to standard Windows PC apps including most pro audio interfaces. 1)  ^^^^ Drag and drop of presets within preset lists etc. and streamline the editing menus as mentioned above. Noticeable absence of any right-click functions to rename or edit presets. 2) Expand the darn screen view! (the worst feature of the H9 itself is its small display!) The 3×3 grid of tiles may be cute on a little phone screen but it is seriously annoying on a 27" monitor not to be able to go full screen and have at least 4 tiles across – especially for the stompboxes which employ pairs of presets in banks – the odd number of 3 tiles across constantly disturbs the logical visibility of pairs of presets next to each other. 3) Nomenclature – the big black thing in the middle of the H9 should be called the "EKNOB(tm)!" (Encoder Knob, Eventide Knob, get it?) It is confusing, vague, and unimaginitive to just call it the Knob since it is much more than that.

I second the sentiment for android support and I strongly urge ET to keep and bolster Windows PC support for H9 and all computer interfaced products. Apple is fine for high-end studios and iphone tweakers alike, but the vast majority of existing and potential customers are served best by Windows PC desktops, tablets, laptops, pads and android mini devices. Thanks to ET for being adaptable and responsive to these types of issues, on top of the job of outstanding sonic quality! …and don't forget the idea of Bigger Display and More Controls and Twin Engine for more multi-fx…