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What that "NO ALG" message means is that you were demoing a new algorithm in the store and turned the H9 Core off while that algorithm was selected.  When you powered the H9 back on, it tried to load this same algorithm again, but b/c you don't own it and it's not being demo-ed anymore it can't load it.  If you use the Preset switch and just scroll to the next preset, it will load that fine and this message will go away. I think you must still have the 4.5.0[3] or 4.5.0[4] software installed that came with your H9 Core, because we fixed this problem in the more recent H9 software…

With regards to the USB crashing the software, I've seen that happen sometimes when the H9 is on. If you turn your H9 off, plugin in the USB cable, and turn your H9 on, this shouldn't happen.