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I finally broke down and bought an H9 core so now I run two H9s.  While many of the H9 algorithms do combine two effects, so much depth is added by having two H9s so that I can get two effects at once.  With that said, a huge downside is that you need to keep track of which combinations you want to have at the same time.  I use a midi controller, so for the most part, once I set the right combination, it works fine.  But often I change things on the fly for different songs and also loose track of which combinations I have planned out and which are just randomly set.  While I do not have and have not tried an Axe, I assume that it would be cool to set and save pre-planned presets.  I also wish the H9 had distortion, which the Axe does.  Of course, as currently setup with only being able to have one algo at a time, if you ran distortion on the H9 you wouldn't be able to use the cool H9 algos you want.  So, with all that said, I too really wish more than one algorithm could be used at one time.