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Eventide Staff

Hi joyof60,

I'm very sorry, we must have missed your query.  You should be able to solve this problem by following these steps.

1. Close Sonar

2. Open iLok License Manager

3. If the license is on your iLok, right click on the iLok and select Sync/Repair, if it's on your computer you can skip this step.

4. Find the license that is on your iLok or Computer, right click on the license, and choose Deactivate.

5. After the license has deactivated it should be in available licenses.  At this point please move the license back to your iLok or computer to reactivate it.

6. This should solve your error message.  If it does not, please let us know and we can dig deeper to solve your problem.

Sorry for the late response,