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from H8000fw ??? 🙂

i mean, as blackhole is an algorithm from the dsp4000 , can't you port all eventide algos into a native plugin?? Different plugins for a lot algorithms would be a pain in the **** , so why cant you make a plugin where you can choose an algorithm inside?

Now you release a "new product" h9 max, wich isn't new in any term….

its just the h9 with all stompbox algorithms….. an you call it a new product…..

Studio processor?? It isnt…

no digital signalflow…not all users are guitar players and need a stompbox

as a studio guy, i love the quality of our algorithms, but theres no sense doing a D/A conversation from a daw ,then a A/D to get into eventide,then to do a D/A to get outside eventide and at the end,

a A/D again to get back in my daw….ridiculous….really..

doing a 24k H9 ? WTF ??

Sorry, but investing in a h8000hw is no option for me , the integration is old, and its a pain to edit..

if you do a outside box,or a native mega eventide plugin, as some people already want, iam sold..

you did a remote surface for the ipad and computer…nice..

but not what iam looking for in my everyday studio job…

its 2014…