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How about a be-all, end-all acoustic simulator?  It could include dreadnoughts, orchestras, jumbos, 12-strings, resonators, etc..  While not perfect, Line 6's Variax does this quite well and includes electric models too.  What about the bit crushers and slicers that others were requesting?  Not my thing but someone wants 'em!  How about straight-up synth pads based upon various instruments (ie. keyboards, strings, brass, woodwinds, etc.)?  What about polyphonic pitch shifting to compete with EHX's HOGs/POGs?  How about a simple noise gate that doesn't suck tone?!

I should point out that I'm coming from the perspective of already owning the Four Factors (which I love dearly and will never part with) and that is a definite H9 sales impediment not only for me but I'm sure others as well.  I look to the H9 for the future, not what I already have.  Again, bring out more algorithms like these and people will buy them which will, in turn, drive the hardware sales.

Upon second thought, yeah, the gold H9 is cool.  But mine will be plain-Jane white, sanded down to bare metal and painted with something as artistic as the H9 inspires!  Smile