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Not too sure about that. If you should expand the physical dimensions I'd rather have 4-5 Fooswtiches to press on/off and get rid of the back panel aux/switch input, and only use that for exp pedal. I think if one can get rid of the need to have extra footswitches and taking up real estate space, one has won pretty much. I know there has to be room for not knocking adjacent switches on and off, but I think generally speaking with all delay/multifx units 5 proper footswitches are minimum. 2 to go up down in banks/presets, 1 fx on/off switch, 1 tap tempo/or hold strum tempo which is my favorite, and 1 ASSIGNABLE footswitch, for tuner, mute, or whatever else you can assign it to. Looper start on/off and so on.

However, I think in order for those to work you have to make the pedal graduated with "two tier" terrace, that two or three buttons at the top tier, and the rest at the low, so you don't bump into the adjacent ones. But looking at the distances at such footwitches as DigiTechs FSX-3 there are enough space between them.