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Thanks for addressing this topic gkellum. I agree that the lack of clear product development issues being placed in webpage on the main site is a problem, There are no clear, detailed policy statements from ET on the present and future of the "cloud" algorithm ownership account scheme for H9 Core and Standard model owners as opposed to Max owners whose units are hard-coded with the Max package for life. Does a Core or Max unit have to be sent in to the factory to be hard-upgraded to Max? Can ET not do this remotely via USB uplink? A program of having all H9 Standard owners who purchase $200 or more of additional algorithms get their unit coded to Max status for life is probably the only fair and satisfactory way to handle this situation.This system of doing all customer support via forum threads as you point out is much too convoluted and leads to confusion among your customers and lack of condfidence in a good product. Clear product development news and policy explanation of the future of the"cloud" algorithm scheme placed on the main website would be a huge help. Thanks to you and the other support providers for handling all the confusing little niggles that plague a cloud based system like this. Surprises like "all H9 Standards are now Maxs", yes. Surprises like "the value of your H9 Standard has now been halved by the Max" like last week, not so much.