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That first message you mentioned where you're activating preset 1: that's a program change message or that's a MIDI CC message that's toggling the active / bypass state?

To set a preset by forScore I am using a midi program change message Cn. If I only want to select a preset one can select a programchange in forScore. But if you want to select a preset and set some parameters you need to use the Hexcodes option in forScore, which uses raw midi data. This is a bit more complicated but much more powerful!

If using Hexcodes, changing presets is done by sending midi Program change (Cn) as
raw midi data. If I want to select preset 1 for a score I’ll let forScore send
C000 (Prg change on channel 1 (C0, first byte) and preset 1 (00, second byte).
Preset 1 is set, now I want to set parameter 1 to 50%, so forScore is set to
send a Control change (Bn) message: B01640 (chn 1, param 1 (22, = 16 hex) and
value 50% (= 40 hex)


In forScore the midi send window looks like this:




I've compared the latest release to 4.8.0[1], and the MIDI behavior did change.  4.8.0[1] handled correctly being sent a program change and two CC messages whereas 5.0.1[3] doesn't. This is a tricky case though b/c a fair amount happens when a preset is loaded. We'll look into it though…

Maybe the extra added midi parameters to control the looper has something to do with it?


Another option would be saving all of these settings as a preset and just load the preset.  Is there a particular reason why you don't want to do things that way?

I have setup my H9 with a set of basic presets which are very
usable. But with tremolo, delay or modulation one wants to use different
settings. To make a preset for each variation is not practical. One
would end up with way to much presets. I have a set of 28 presets already to choose from. Making variations for the most of them is not workable…