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Kill dry is not intended for
a serial loop or serial connections between processors.

While there are certainly situations
where you would want to send a 100% wet signal to the next processor in series
(i.e. Flex Whammy effect to a delay or verb), in most situations it would not
be ideal. For example if you were sending a delay at 100% wet to a Reverb (both
with kildry enabled) in a series loop, the output would just be echoes with delay.

In my rig, I go from my
preamp to a pitchfactor set to relay bypass so when it’s bypassed, a pure
analog signal is sent through. From there, I split the signal three times and
send the first split to a Timefactor, the second split to a Space and the third
to the “dry Input” of a RJM mini line mixer. The stereo outputs from the
Timefactor and Space are sent to the mini line mixer so that they are in
parallel but still get the wet signal from the Pitchfactor when it is enabled.

The Timefactor and Space are
both set to killdry in this scenario and the bypass mode is DSP+FX so when they
are bypassed, the effects spill over.

I would find it completely
undesirable to run these in series effectively cascading the A/D D/A
That said, it can still be done (just not in killdry), you
would you the mix control to set you effect levels and the output levels on a
preset basis to get the desired overall level. Set the bypass to bypass mode is DSP+FX to get spillover.

Hope that helps.