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… I've set the play , stop ,record ,…all the function into CC numbers w/ preset switch

Ex (preset5 -> rec , preset6-> play , preset7-> stop)

But when I change the preset switch,the H9's panel will show empty first

Can't be play or dub at all …

You don't want to send a Program Change / preset message on the same switch as a Looper function.  In the Looper documentation (page 3), there are four methods listed for loading an H9 Looper preset.  You're using a 5th method (MIDI Program Change).  But all of them have the same thing in common:

Note: After a Looper Preset is loaded, the H9 will be in Looper mode, and the Looper State will be Empty.

Loading a preset "flushes" the Looper memory.  Keep your program changes alone on their own switches, and use six or more separate switches that send CCs to control the Looper functions.  Here's some more information on how I have that set up:  Exploring H9 Looper MIDI Control.


Another reason to separate PC & CC switches is that consecutive switch presses may toggle functions (such as Record & Dub, or Play position reset).  You wouldn't want to be reverting to an Empty preset every time that you switch modes.


You can reconfigure a single Looper preset using MIDI control over Parameters 1-10 [KB0-KB9].  That way, you can modify the base preset into "multiple presets" without flushing out the Looper memory to Empty [MT].