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Hi Guys, ONLY speaking about the Harmonizer/Pitch Shiting capabilites, can the PitchFactor be regarded superior to the H9?

No, the Harmonizer/Pitch Shifting capabilites in the H9 and the PitchFactor are the same, where they mainly differ is in their interfaces, i.e. knobs, switches, etc.  The PitchFactor's additional switch can be really essential in some Harmonizer/Pitch Shifting situations for triggering the learn function, but you can get this on the H9 as well by adding an aux switch.


another question:  aside from the Eventide pedals, can the PowerFactor powerup the Boss RC-300, the Strymon Reverb and the ElectroHarmonix Bass Microsynthesizer simultaneously?

Well, what are the power requirements of those products?