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Eventide Staff

It's somewhat confusing but it sounds as if it's working as it should. The range of the expresion pedal is not the same as the range of parameters in most cases.

You always want the expression pedal to work over its full range to give you the maximum expressive control. That's why you calibrate it to go from 0 to 100.

The parameter range, which can be from anything to anything, is then programmed (mapped) to the expression pedal's range. For example, you could program the expression pedal to change delay from 5 to 250 msec. The expression pedal would traverse it's full range from 0 to 100 but the parameter value if the delay would go from 5 to 250.

The feedback parameter causes confusion because it's full range happens to be the same as the range of the expression pedal.

So, unless i've misunderstood, I think that you're ok. The expression pedal should change your feedback from whatever min and max that you've programmed while the expression pedal goes from 0 to 100.