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This topic has been addressed in several threads here and serves as a perfect example of my point regarding proper organization of this forum. thelastsandwich should have been able to easily find the "H9 Distortion Algorithms" discussion thread and add his comment to it rather than having to set adrift another separate thread. Not his fault, a structural problem endemic to the forum.

Just my opinion of course, it would be demeaning for ET to produce "me too" digital distortion modeling better left to line6, zoom, etc. Specialty bit-crunch or forced feedback effects might be worthy of an algo or two, but for classic overdrive and distortion in high-end guitar rigs the professional standard remains vacuum tube based. Unless ET is going to license inclusion of its effects to Soldano or some other top boutique tube amp maker, the best way to combine top-quality overdrive/distortion with top-quality ET effects looks something like this…

Best wishes to everyone for a very musical and Happy New Year!