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      Are there any plans to have some distortion presets in the near future to add to the H9?

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      I'll second the desire/need for a distortion patch.

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      This topic has been addressed in several threads here and serves as a perfect example of my point regarding proper organization of this forum. thelastsandwich should have been able to easily find the "H9 Distortion Algorithms" discussion thread and add his comment to it rather than having to set adrift another separate thread. Not his fault, a structural problem endemic to the forum.

      Just my opinion of course, it would be demeaning for ET to produce "me too" digital distortion modeling better left to line6, zoom, etc. Specialty bit-crunch or forced feedback effects might be worthy of an algo or two, but for classic overdrive and distortion in high-end guitar rigs the professional standard remains vacuum tube based. Unless ET is going to license inclusion of its effects to Soldano or some other top boutique tube amp maker, the best way to combine top-quality overdrive/distortion with top-quality ET effects looks something like this…

      Best wishes to everyone for a very musical and Happy New Year!

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      Sorry, I forgot we are only like 400 pixels wide here, how about another beauty shot: tube overdrive + ET fx = tonal bliss. BTW aux switches work best in Eventide blue Wink

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      Thanks for your input…but Eventide has distortion presets in their 4.0 eclipse and other high end processors. I am not looking for the typical line 6, digitech, etc….I am looking for Eventide. Yeah, I can go spend 1k for an AVE FX, but it isn't practical for me $.. Plus I want stereo ins and outs with distortion. The AXE FX is the greatest, warmest distortion so far… but why pay the price when I like  Eventide better? Eventide has the ability to create some awesome distortion, cab sims, low bit, experimental sounds….They just need to do it…Otherwise, I will keep my 2 H9'S and buy an AXE FX….EVENTIDE, It is time someone gave Fractal some competition……anyone agree?

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      I now have access to an Eclipse 4.0 and have auditioned the preamp settings somewhat.  There are some very useable and pleasant tones to be had there.  Crunchy but with clarity and the Forced Feedback is simply awesome.  Adding a quick bloom of feedback to passages makes them more dissonant and emotionally interesting.  IMHO, what Eventide has in the Eclipse would certainly be worthy of porting to the H9.

      But, like KCStratman, I'm continuing to look elsewhere for my distortion tones.  I recently acquired a TC Nova Drive which is a killer addition to my arsenal of vintage dirt boxes.  So, for me, it's either that or I stack a couple others on tap: DOD FX50 into a ProCo RAT, Blues Driver into a Digitech Hot Head, etc..  I hope I won't have to look to others for a feedback solution (ie. Fender Runaway, etc.).

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      We have an overdrive in the Mangled Reverb algo and a fuzz in the Octaver on H9. The overdrive in the Mangled Reverb doesn't sound bad at all as a standalone. Also sounds pretty good for bass.

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      Actually Im pleasantly suprised – I hadn't really played around with them enough with the intention of stand alone overdrive presets…….you can get some pretty convincing tones by playing with the output levels, and mix knob.  

      The mix knob is cool works as a blend to bring back your clean tone over the top.  

      The 5min sample times go fairly quick when trying them out.

      Don't think I would be willing to ditch all of my OD's just yet but – just proves that Eventide could make some absolutely wonderful overdrive alogo's if they wanted…….Smile It would be interesting to hear these combined with the EQ compressor…….

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       Yes, they sound cool. But I wish there could be more dedicated distortion algorithms ranging from silky smooth legato sustain (Satriani, Vai, for example) to lo fi, circuit bent type sounds-beautiful chaos :). And yes I've been able to get some lo fi static which sounds very cool;I  just need more gain. I don't pick fast so I tend to do a lot of left hand legato which is very gain dependent. Plus I always go direct into the board with no amp. I did purchase a Fender Floor amp modeling unit and I will see how that goes next week.

         My problem is I don't want to sound like your typical guitar player. So it is difficult trying to find a balance between being musical and being totally esoteric with my style of playing.

       My girlfriend had surgery so I have been staying at her house. I have spent about 10 hrs in the last two days programming and experimenting with all the algorithms and it has been fun as hell. 

       I guess I am ready for a few more new ones to try and I hope Eventide keeps the ball rolling with new sounds and some new distortion/noise presets would be killer! 

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      As mentioned, Octaver allows for a semi-variable fuzz, as does the Harpeggiator algorithm. They are real nasty, reminding me of some of the Downward Spiral era NIN sounds. 

      You can also use the Bias Trem to create a somewhat gnarly overdrive by cranking up the gain/mix knob; you may want to reduce the overall output as well. It works alright running into a driven amp, or as an unusual texture. 


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      (I am going to jump into the topic again). IMHO, if eventide wants to create a OD/distortion factor pedal that would be way cool but: I just have not heard any modeling and/or digital OD/dirt stuff that really breathes and has the depth of the analogue varieties. I love eventide stuff. I love the felxablity of midi and being able to program different sounds. However, has my Modfactor replaced my old analogue EHX pedals? Yes, in the sense that I took the EHX stuff off my board. No, in the sense that Eventide does not really sound like my old pedals. The good thing is that eventide has it own killer sound and is extremely powerful and useful. Somewhere, someone will eventually come up with a digital dirt pedal that will be as nuanced (in tone and playability) as the analog ones. Unless Eventide was going to get into serious R+D with a perspective of recreating the wheel and then improving on it, I would think that it won't be Eventide who is the first to really be sought after as an "must have" dirt pedal. (If I won the lotto, I would think about funding Eventide for such a serious R+D task).

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