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(I am going to jump into the topic again). IMHO, if eventide wants to create a OD/distortion factor pedal that would be way cool but: I just have not heard any modeling and/or digital OD/dirt stuff that really breathes and has the depth of the analogue varieties. I love eventide stuff. I love the felxablity of midi and being able to program different sounds. However, has my Modfactor replaced my old analogue EHX pedals? Yes, in the sense that I took the EHX stuff off my board. No, in the sense that Eventide does not really sound like my old pedals. The good thing is that eventide has it own killer sound and is extremely powerful and useful. Somewhere, someone will eventually come up with a digital dirt pedal that will be as nuanced (in tone and playability) as the analog ones. Unless Eventide was going to get into serious R+D with a perspective of recreating the wheel and then improving on it, I would think that it won't be Eventide who is the first to really be sought after as an "must have" dirt pedal. (If I won the lotto, I would think about funding Eventide for such a serious R+D task).