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Thanks and I really like your multi-algo presets examples although many are beyond me it has made me think to unleash the power of the expression pedal to powerfully morph effects with multiple small range sweeps and some reverse-parameter sweeps. That's one feature in H9 Control that isn't easy to see (maybe "exp. pedal arc endpoints around parameter knobs change color to indicate forward or reverse sweep" could add to wish list) so some users may not be aware you can drag the arc endpoints back over each other to reverse the sweep direction on individual parameter knobs but they stay white and appear the same until you move the pedal or lightning bolt and see the knob sweep backwards. One example on a delay is to increase intensity and feedback repeats sweeping forward from heel to toe while slurm or modulation sweeps backwards to increase clarity over time of repeats, or eq filters sweep backwards, or vice versa, etc.