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Thanks I had been through all the menus several times, I guess my dream of simply plugging in two midi cables, setting transmit or receive and omni or same channel and having full synch was a fantasy. I have setup plenty of program change and preset variable midi pedals and rack gear but mostly program change commands not higher function cc parameter mappings etc. For now I will Y the exp. pedal to two units, I wonder if a passive 3xTRS splitter would run three or drop the voltage and require an active splitter? First off I wanted to synch sweepable delay time ranges for the BE and BE Slow Arpegg algo preset pairs. Also I can think of other algo pairs to sweep in synch, delays and modulations, etc.

Slightly different topic, what about tap tempo synch of multiple units from the tempo switch on one master unit? Is that not a basic midi link? If so, it would still be disabled during use of H9 Control?

Thanks for the midi schooling, here I have been getting back to fx pedals to get away from rack fx with midi controller pedals, now I have fx pedals that need midi controller pedals 🙂 I do still have a pristine Digitech PMC-100 midi controller pedal ( 20 yrs old with hardwired programmer keypad) maybe I should break it out and ditch all my aux switches.