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LA Keys

While I use my H9s with keyboards and doesn't mind having extra pedals I see how important this could be for guitar player, especially for live gig.

There's really 2 distincts "request" here:

#1: Being able to make a preset effective immediately after you change it, without having to confirm with the left switch

This is most probably very easy to do since this is how it work now when you use the big knob to change presets. I believe an option in the software could "easily" be added by Eventide programmer for that.

#2: Being able to use the left switch do go down on the preset list.

Well, this is where we should be careful about what we ask. The first thing is that this will also force the preset to be activated immediately, which you also asked, because the left switch will now have a new function… This should be ok so far…

The biggest problem is that now the left switch could not be used to activate/deactivate the effect anymore, or certainly not with a simple push.

I'm pretty sure most will also want to activate/deactivate the H9 somehow. This is the real problem behind that request. There are a few ways to do this I could think about, but because the H9 have only 2 buttons there's limited options I could see:

– 1: Activate/Deactivate by pressing both swithes at the same time

– 2: Use an external (Aux) switch. This is already possible with the software.

What do you think about this?