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Wow, what a great response!

I should have mentioned:

-according to this post: http://forum.tcelectronic.com/topic/11452/midi-clock/        the G-system will not broadcast MIDI clock. It will receive it, however, with the most recent firmware which it has. If it would broadcast the clock there wouldn't be a problem.

-I have assigned another unused switch on the GS to send the CC instead of the default "global tap" switch which, I suppose, only controls the G's effects.

-I used the settings LA Keys provided upstream

– The midi receive channel should match the G-system (tried omni as well)

– Enable midi clock in should be set to yes

– Enable midi clock out should be set to no

– Midi output mode should be set to thru  (to pass midi clock to the Eleven rack)

– Global tempo should be set to NO (under general setting)

and still nothing.

-I tried going directly from the GS to the H9 and still am not getting anything. That's troubleshooting 101 and I should have tried this earlier.

It just seems the H9 doesn't like the message it's getting from the GSys. The end result will, hopefully, be: G-system on the floor, controlling the 11R and H9 patch selection and tempo controls, with the H9 in a rack shelf.

Thanks again for the suggestions! I'll keep at it.