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I was reading this review of the Timefactor where it says that it's possible to run the dual delays in series instead of parallel, and it works fine indeed. I have discovered a whole new world of possibilities and I love the results.

For guitarists who prefer to use 2 delays in mono and feed one delay into the other, there is an easy solution to achieve series operation with the TimeFactor. Use an extra patch cable to create this signal chain: Guitar → TimeFactor Left Input → TimeFactor Left Output → TimeFactor Right Input → TimeFactor Right Output → Amp.

URL: http://www.bestguitareffects.com/eventide-timefactor-review-best-twin-delay-effects-pedal/

I can't stop playing and trying different combinations since I discovered that.

Anyways, my question is if it's risky to keep doing that "hack" to get series delays.


It's not risky to do this at all.