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… I Think no one will miss some of the "strange" Scales.

Well, I'm rather partial to those scale options, especially using MIDI to change key & scale on the fly.  Very creative in practice.  But I do believe there are ways to add a chromatic scale and keep the options open for all of the currently available scales (and more).

A user scale – based on selectable interval sequences from the chromatic scale – would cover most any possibility.  The modern Western modes are essentially the same scale, starting at a different tonic, and rotating through the interval sequence.  That covers 12 Keys over 7 Scales.

A user / chromatic scale – edited with H9 Control – could set up the "strange Scales", pentatonic scales, and any other exotic 12-tone scale.  The tradeoff may have to be less Delay time, one of the four additional voices, or limitations on the 'extra' scales.

Even if this can't fit within the constraints of the current QuadraVox algorithm, I'd like to see an H9 Special variation.  Perhaps with some added capabilities, such as a Voice Freeze effect, glissando or chromatic bends, or a microtonal Scala overlay.