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So If I the Musicomlab would send a midi CC to control tap tempo with a value between 0 and 127 it would set the tempo on the H9 listening to that midi channel?

On the MKIB  you need to set the swith type to "momentary" and the value sent to 127. Of course the CCs should match between the H9 and the MKIV.


Who uses midi CC to control their H9s and for what options

Probably as many ways to use that as there are users… A very nice feature is that you could have both H9s to simultaneously change presets (not necessarely the same) with a single CC.  (hint: receive map)

You can also control expression on the H9 via midi. You just have to set RCV.CTL, setup destination EXP. See page 35-36 of the manual, but note that the manual forgot to mention EXP as a destination. You could then control as many H9s as you which with a single pedal this way. (hint: XMT CC, page 38).


The Musicomlab can also use an expression pedal to send midi CC.

But then if the MKIV can send CC directly from a single expression pedal you don't really need the XMT CC… So many ways to hook up everything.