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LA Keys

First, let me say that I have NONE of those, but the H9  (x2)…

Given this, all the following is based on those manuals that I strongly recommend you to download for references:

DMC3 manual: http://www.disasterareaamps.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/DMC-3-DMC-3XL-Manual.pdf

TIMELINE user manual: http://www.strymon.net/documents/TimeLine_UserManual_REVD.pdf

And of course the H9 manual , specifically the midi section.

Why the timeline manual? Because the DMC3 appear to have been designed specifically for the strymon timeline stompbox, and you can find reference about what it is controlling on their manual.

Ok, Ready?

The "blue" mode on the DMC3 allow you to change presets on the timeline by sending Program Change (PC). You want to be in bank mode, as the program mode is sending extra messages to activate the presets on the timeline, which is not needed on the H9.

This is press and hold button 1 on the DMC3, at startup.

In this mode, buttons 1 and 2 of the DMC3 should change the presets (Up/Down) on the H9.  If this doesn't work check that the midi receive channel on the H9 is set to "omni" and that the program change receive map is filled (ex: Program change 0 -> load preset 1 … program change 98 -> load preset 99)

Now the tough part…

The DMC3 in "green" mode will control the following on a Strymon Timeline (page 3 of the DMC3 manual)

– Button 1: REC/DUB

– Button 2: Play/Stop

– Button 3: Change mode.

Then, from the timeline manual (page 24) we can see that

– REC is controlled by CC # 87

– Play is controlled by CC # 86


Button 1 of the DMC3 is sending CC #87

Button 2 of the DMC3 is sending CC #86

A nice thing about the H9 is that you can assign about any CC# to any pedal function. This could be done "manually" but I suggest using th H9 control software as it is much easier.

From the H9 control software you will then assign CC #87 the Tap Tempo If you want to control it from button 1. Likewise you will assign CC #86 if you want to use button 2.

Note: Reading the timeline manual also reveal that midi notes # could be used instead of midi CC to control the looper (play/Rec). I doubt (and hope) that the DMC3 is NOT sending notes instead of CC. If this is the case this will not work as the H9 require CC messages.

This could be verified by using software like midi-ox or anything else that could monitor the messages sent by the DMC3.

What about the "red" mode ?

Button 1 : Reverse -> should send CC #94

Button 2 : Half speed -> Should send CC #95

If needed, you may assign those CCs to any pedals function (on the H9) that you wish to control with the DMC3