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      Grigg Haws

      I have an H-9

      I have a Digitech FS3x

      I have an expression pedal

      I have a Disaster area designs DMC3 and a midi cable.

      All I want to do is:

      Have one button for program up ( autoload)

      Have one button for Program down (autoload)

      Have one button for Tap tempo.

      Use an expression pedal

      without buying any more hardware can anyone tell me how to do this?

      I bought the Distaster area pedal, thinking it was the one with the tap tempo out on it. but it's not, Its just the regular DMC3  not the XL or the T version with the tap tempo out.

      Help a brother out.

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      LA Keys

      First, let me say that I have NONE of those, but the H9  (x2)…

      Given this, all the following is based on those manuals that I strongly recommend you to download for references:

      DMC3 manual:

      TIMELINE user manual:

      And of course the H9 manual , specifically the midi section.

      Why the timeline manual? Because the DMC3 appear to have been designed specifically for the strymon timeline stompbox, and you can find reference about what it is controlling on their manual.

      Ok, Ready?

      The "blue" mode on the DMC3 allow you to change presets on the timeline by sending Program Change (PC). You want to be in bank mode, as the program mode is sending extra messages to activate the presets on the timeline, which is not needed on the H9.

      This is press and hold button 1 on the DMC3, at startup.

      In this mode, buttons 1 and 2 of the DMC3 should change the presets (Up/Down) on the H9.  If this doesn't work check that the midi receive channel on the H9 is set to "omni" and that the program change receive map is filled (ex: Program change 0 -> load preset 1 … program change 98 -> load preset 99)

      Now the tough part…

      The DMC3 in "green" mode will control the following on a Strymon Timeline (page 3 of the DMC3 manual)

      – Button 1: REC/DUB

      – Button 2: Play/Stop

      – Button 3: Change mode.

      Then, from the timeline manual (page 24) we can see that

      – REC is controlled by CC # 87

      – Play is controlled by CC # 86


      Button 1 of the DMC3 is sending CC #87

      Button 2 of the DMC3 is sending CC #86

      A nice thing about the H9 is that you can assign about any CC# to any pedal function. This could be done "manually" but I suggest using th H9 control software as it is much easier.

      From the H9 control software you will then assign CC #87 the Tap Tempo If you want to control it from button 1. Likewise you will assign CC #86 if you want to use button 2.

      Note: Reading the timeline manual also reveal that midi notes # could be used instead of midi CC to control the looper (play/Rec). I doubt (and hope) that the DMC3 is NOT sending notes instead of CC. If this is the case this will not work as the H9 require CC messages.

      This could be verified by using software like midi-ox or anything else that could monitor the messages sent by the DMC3.

      What about the "red" mode ?

      Button 1 : Reverse -> should send CC #94

      Button 2 : Half speed -> Should send CC #95

      If needed, you may assign those CCs to any pedals function (on the H9) that you wish to control with the DMC3


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      Grigg Haws

      I figured out that the blue mode on the DMC3 will change presets, so that is cool.

      I was able to get the right button on the H-9 to function for Tap, as it is normally for that anyway.

      I just forgot that you have to hold it for a second to get it to go into tap mode.

      So I did get it working enough to suit my needs.

      I sure appreciate your well thought out response.

      Can I ask another question?

      with my expression pedal I can control different things like speed on a modulation effect etc.

      and on some of the reverbs it just engages the high and low end roll offs, and let's me play with those.

      Can I choose which parameters I control with the expression pedal?  I would really like to do just the mix on most reverbs and the same for most delays, some other things might be useful too.

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      LA Keys

      Grigg Haws:

      I just forgot that you have to hold it for a second to get it to go into tap mode.

      So I did get it working enough to suit my needs.

      Glad it is fine for you. My explanation (the tough part) was in the case you wanted to use the DMC3 for everything, including setting the tap tempo from there.

      Grigg Haws:

      Can I choose which parameters I control with the expression pedal?

      Yes. This is explained in the online manual for the H9 control software:

      The relevant section is under Presets screen ->  Programming the expression pedal patch


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      In H9 Control, click/hold and drag the heel and toe endpoints of the expression pedal range indicator arcs around any parameter knob. Check the action by click/hold dragging the lightning bolt to the left and right ends of the scale to make sure the desired knobs are sweeping forward or backwards. If needed, click/hold drag the endpoints back over each other to reverse the sweep direction.

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      Grigg Haws

      I do a lot of my editing etc with an ipad connected by bluetooth to the H-9. SO am i right to think all this point click hold stuff would likely work better if I did it from say a laptop? I have the control app on one of my laptops with bluetooth, so it shouldn't be a problem.

      A side note, KCSTRATMAN  with a name like that, one might assume that you like strats and live in Kansas City?   I ask only because I also live in Kansas City.

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      Grigg Haws

      BTW, you both have been a lot of help. I have 2 of them, and want to buy another. It works fabulous as an effects unit for a PA system.

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      Grigg Haws

      While you guys are being so darn helpful.  What is a good expression pedal to use?

      one with a TRS cable. I have an inexpensive bespeco or something, it works, but it moves so easily that it is hard to get it to park well, meaning that if I have a leslie sound going and I want to leave it at that speed, just lifting my foot changes it some.

      any ideas?

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      Yes on both accounts, but south of town now in Spring Hill. I have had good results with Mission Engineering EP-1 or EP-2 / 25K (the Eventide designated model with 25K pot) available in single or dual output versions. It is in the classic Dunlop style wah pedal body which allows adjustment of the friction so that it will stay parked at a fixed position. I too like to use the exp. pedal to set rotary, univibe, tremolo, etc. speeds instead of tap tempo as well as wah functions.

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