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Just wanted to update some of the info above:  We are sending 4 direct outputs (1/4") from the mixer vocal channels to an Alesis ADAT analog-to-digital converter, which is I/O connected to the H800FW with optical cabling.  The output is returned to the board to 4 separate channels (also via 1/4").  We are processing 4 separate mic signals

I was mistaken about our signal strength… it has actuallly been quite weak.  We've re-routed through an aux send and found some more gain… getting solid 4's at least now.

All of the songs, except one, were set for the correct root and scale… we fixed the setting on the incorrectly labeled tune.  For some reason, though, we had the "QUANT" value set at 200% for every song….I suspect that this was a large contributor to our problem.  We reset this to zero to test the theory, and the deuning effect went away.  Cautiously, we edged back to 100%, we fairly satisfied with that sound, then reset to that value for all of the songs.

That effectively consumed all of the time we had today.  We'll play a full volume set on Sunday, and I'll report back on our progress.

     I still can't get past the fact that we HAD a great sound, that went bad after many weeks of consistency.  At no time did we knowingly change any of the settings.  Quite odd.

(BTW… I believe we are using preset # 5528)