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 See the importance od user provided details?

 You are using your unit via ADAT I/O. That means your levels should be higher than they are. My previous explanation of levels and LED monitoring is relevant to analog input usage. When using digital connectionsyou have to refer to lLED in a more traditional way; try to light them up as many as you can, short of the top one.

So 4 LEDs are not enough.

Preset 5528 has common M_xxx parameters that influence all voices. Try using #5510 4_DiatonicShift.

Be aware of the panning structure as these are QUAD audio setups presets:

X pan is front L/R panning

Y pan is front/rear panning, typical of a 4 speaker "surround" setup

If you are working in a stereo setup, use X panning as you like (any setting between -100 to 100%) and keep Y pan on 100 % steady.