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as explained in a very recent post on the same topic, Time Factor is a dedicated and specialized DELAY pedal, with some looping functions. It's not really meant to compete w/dedicated looping devices, even though some more and new functions may be implemented in this area.

Looping is an art where great differences and approaches exist. Some enjoy straight delay looping, others want audio editing in the loop…and so on, thru many different variations. There is no looping device that makes everybody happy. The most advanced looping musicians all use different products in this area, to complement each other functions.

I love my Repeater…but it doesn't do what my H8000 does. The Echoplex is great but it doesn't what the Repeater and the H8000 do. The H8000 is amazing but it doesn't do what the other 2 units do. I have learned that a product has specific areas that, if deeply investigated, can provide some terrific results other units can't.