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Thanks for the offer.  I defer to your expertise regarding its' usefulness to me in Windows.

 I am a man without a modality.  I've been using stomp box effects to avoid using a PC for music making.  Yet, I have an Axon 100 MKII & Brian Moore 13 pin guitar and a Yamaha Motif ES 8 for guitar synth and layering.  I've generally failed at using PC editors for them.   I have a Sound Sculpture Switchblade GL I'm trying to set up to create all kinds of signal routing options.  Always having trouble downloading and using OS updates & editors for my digital equipment. Seem to encounter a never-ending series of interface or comprehension deficits when I attach a computer to any musical equipment.  Therefore, everyything I have is programmed through the front panel, or not at all. 

And yet, despite being thwarted at every attempt, I still  want to use editors and download OS upgrades. 

 So why would I want an editor for the TF?  Am I asking for another rejection?  Another verification of my electronic incompetance?

 No, —wait….. I hear a faint but growing mystical sound (in my head).  Do you hear it too?   Like angel pads on high–like the melodious mellotronic voices of serene super-beings providing the soundscape to the perfect dawning day.  A heavenly harmonization of halo pads, gregorian chants, and cathedrial pipes of the cosmos announcing the NEW DAY.  The day Eventide takes pity on the inept, the tech-no's, the hopeless home users of the equipment of the Gods and bestows upon them an editor even the lowest digital dreamer can use. 

 I believe, yes– I do believe, that I can learn to interface with a PC in a musically meaningful way.  Maybe not today, but I believe Eventide can do what Yamaha, Roland, Digitech, Axon, Terratec, Korg, and other lesser Gods have not yet done.  Make me a man with a modality, an interface and editor that even I can not screw up. 

 Please, big E.   I need a little uplifting.  Just help me to see that I can do one thing right, and maybe I'll be able to go back and make all those old connections work.  Until then, I'm here in pergatory.  Owning and using some of the finest equipment available, yet only scratching the surface of the potential of each. 

The only limitation is me.  Please, help me be more.

 MIDI Me    (aka Bob E.)