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I am sure most would agree that the TimeFactor is designed to compete directly with the Line 6 DL4. After all, it has the same power supply, has similar effects and does everything the DL4 does except reverse looping. Are you saying this will not be implemented in the future? Are you saying it is impossible to implement?

Of course, the TimeFactor does about 5 bazillion things better than the DL4. That is precisely why I will bug eventide about reverse looping. I don't want to carry a DL4 just for reverse looping. I'm sure Adrian Belew, Bill Frisell and robert Fripp would agree.

I do own and use the Boss RC-50, Line 6 DL4, Electro Harmonix 16 second delay and Memory Man with Hazarai. I have a trio that does live looping. So it's not inexperience that leads me to my comment.

thanks for listening…. the new website and forums are great